Nov 3, 2012

Storyteller – Units of Recognition at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

Storyteller – Units of Recognition at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

3rd November - 16th December, 2012 | at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

    The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre has made its 2012 Autumn theme for the Artist in Residence that of "Storyteller". Not all artists' pieces and activities may tell a specific story, but they do analogically pose background contexts and meanings depending on their art. Moreover, their art as a medium, artists convey a some kind of message while sharing and communicating space, time, and even physical sensations with their audience. In this sense, artists may be storytellers regarding modern society and the world.
In this exhibition's pieces, smaller "units" of each artist's piece are repeated to show certain disparities, minimalist shapes, or behaviors and cycles, as if these units are themselves recognition of the world.
A piece as a whole tells some kind of "story", but the very concept of units of repetition and accumulation or that of units being scraped away gives the piece meaning and background. Just as we perceive a story's subtleties through the narrator's voice and body language, so we can also enjoy the exuberant "stories" of each piece both through its smaller units and as a whole.         

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