Mar 8, 2013

Higashiyama Hanatōro (flower & light road), Kyoto

Higashiyama Hanatōro (flower & light road), Kyoto

The next Higashiyama Hanatoro will be held from March 8 to 17, 2013.

During the March Hanatoro the streets of Kyoto's historic Higashiyama District are lined by more than 2400 lanterns that stretch from Shorenin all the way to Kiyomizudera.
Nearly all of the popular temples and shrines in the district are illuminated and have extended opening hours.
The Hanabutai stage is set up in Kodaiji Temple Park where daily live music, dance and performances are held. Additionally, performance areas in front of the large central weeping cherry tree (shidarezakura) in Maruyama Park and Kiyomizudera are set aside for street performances.
Many shops also have extended opening hours during Hanatoro, and in combination with the illumination events makes for a pleasant evening atmosphere which attracts many people to the area during a time of the day when it is usually rather deserted.

# For the details, please access to the followings;
[Seasonable Traditions & Japanese Culture]
[Official Homepage of the Event]

Higashiyama Hanatōro (flower & light road), Kyoto

京都・花灯路 「東山 花灯路」

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