Dec 2, 2013

Oshiroi Matsuri (Face Paint Festival) | December, Asakura-shi, Fukuoka

Oshiroi Matsuri (Face Paint Festival) | December, Asakura-shi, Fukuoka

2nd December, 2013 | Asakura-shi, Fukuoka 

On the day of the Oshiroi Matsuri (Face Paint Festival), newly harvested rice is ground into powder and made into white face paint, which is then smeared on the faces of worshippers in an attempt to foretell whether they will have a bountiful or lean harvest.

These worshippers are not allowed to wash nor wipe the paint off their faces until they get home, and it is said that if they feed their livestock food with the face paint mixed into it, the animals will never get sick. It is also said that if worshippers participate in the festival every year, their skin will become smooth and they will have a long life!
With a relaxed mood amid its silliness, the Oshiroi Matsuri is one of the more unique festivals throughout the whole of Japan.

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大山祗神社 おしろい祭り (福岡県朝倉市杷木大山)

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