Aug 16, 2014

Gozan Okiribi (Daimon-ji Yaki - enormous bonfires) in Kyoto

Gozan Okiribi (Daimon-ji Yaki - enormous bonfires) in Kyoto

16th August, 2014 | in Kyoto  

Daimon-ji Yaki in Kyoto features enormous bonfires lit on five mountains in the form of five Chinese characters and shapes.
The Chinese character for dai (“large”) measures 230 by 510 feet.

The other characters are Myo and Ho , which together form “the marvelous law of Buddha,” Torii (a Shinto Gate) and Funagata (the shape of a ship).
The fires are lit at 8:00pm and the best place to see them is from the banks of the Kamogawa River.

The rite is performed to pay respects to the souls if ancestors and guide them their trip back to the other world.

The origins of the rite is unknown. It may date back to A.D. 815 when a monk started a bonfire to dispel the plague.  

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