Nov 19, 2015

Fall Evening Illumination at Rikugien Gardens, Tokyo

Fall Evening Illumination at Rikugien Gardens, Tokyo

Rikugien Gardens is one of the most known daimyo teien (garden of feudal lord) from the Edo Period, built by Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa who was the favorite retainer of the fifth Tokugawa Shogun Tsunayoshi.
Designed to reflect famous scenes from waka poems, this ""Tsukiyama-Sensui"" style stroll garden has also been designated as a national scenic beauty since 1953.
The gardens are known as one of the best spots for fall foliage viewing.
The annual illumination event during the season invites many people who enjoy the beautiful collaboration between the flame of autumn leaves and the illumination throughout this beautiful example of Edo gardens.
Be advised that some parts of the gardens may be closed after 17:00 due to security reasons.

# For the details, please access to the followings;

[Seasonable Traditions & Japanese Culture]
[Official Homepage of the Event]

六義園(東京都文京区本駒込六丁目) 紅葉と大名庭園のライトアップ開催決定!! 

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