Aug 30, 2016

Koenji Awa Odori (Bon Dance), Suginami, Tokyo

Koenji Awa Odori (Bon Dance), Suginami, Tokyo

27th & 28th August, 2016 | Koenji, Suginami, Tokyo
The Koenji Awa-odori Dance has grown to be counted as a major summer event of Tokyo.
This year is held under the title “Spreading Smiles,” named with hopes for the dancers’ smiles to invigorate and brighten up the people, and the whole area, of Koenji. The 10,000 dancers and 1 million visitors will literally color the streets of Koenji a pure shade of awa-odori. (*reference: GO TOKYO - Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau)

# For the details, please access to the followings site;

[Seasonable Traditions & Japanese Culture]
[Official Homepage of the Event] ››


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