Feb 12, 2017

Mt. Tateyama Snow Illumination Festival, Toyama Pref.

Mt. Tateyama Snow Illumination Festival, Toyama Pref.

11th & 12th February, 2017 | at Tateyama Ski Area, Toyama Pref.
Colorfully illuminated trees which are dotted in the snow field create a fantasy world.
The festival site is crowded with families every year, and at night becomes a secret dating spot.

Ohyama region's specialties and the local pot dish, Sanroku-nabe will warm up your body and soul. The festival offers a variety of entertainment such as YOSAKOI dance, a Kanjiki (traditional snowshoes) nature walk, fortune telling in a snow hut, futsal games in the snow field, and fireworks displays at night.  

# For the details, please access to the followings site;

[Seasonable Traditions & Japanese Culture] http://www.goldenjipangu.com/170216tateyama.html
[Official Homepage of the Event] http://visit-toyama.com/


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