Apr 16, 2018

Toka-sai (spring dance festival), Miyajima Shrine, Hiroshima

Toka-sai (spring dance festival), Miyajima Shrine, Hiroshima

16th - 18th April, 2018 | at Miyajima Shrine, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima
Hatsukaichi (廿日市市 Hatsukaichi-shi) is a city of some 120,000 people located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. The name derives from a market traditionally held on the 20th of each month with hatsuka (廿日) meaning "20th day" and ichi (市) translating to "market". The market continues to this day on a small scale featuring fresh, locally grown vegetables and foodstuffs.  

# For the details, please access to the followings site;
[Seasonable Traditions & Japanese Culture] www.goldenjipangu.com/180415miyajima2.html
[Official Homepage of the Event]  http://www.miyajima.or.jp/event/event_momoka.html

嚴島神社 桃花祭(広島県廿日市市宮島町)

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