Aug 3, 2018

Ominato Nebuta (float parade), Mutsu City, Aomori Pref.

Ominato Nebuta (float parade), Mutsu City, Aomori Pref.

3rd - 5th August, 2018 | Mutsu City, Aomori Pref.
The Ominato Nebuta Festival carries with it a history of more than one hundred years. 
The illuminated nebuta floats depicting biant-sized warriors and folkheroes are sponsored by neighborhood associations and various offices. 
The unique melodies and rhythms of festival music, in addition to the traditional folk dances, are the heart of the festival which draws participants and spectators of all ages. 
While the Aomori City Nebuta Festival is famous nationally, Mutsu's Ominato Nebuta Festival has the same type of nebuta floats and trace its beginnings back over a hundred years ago.   

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