Jan 20, 2019

Matobakai Festival (shooting three arrows), Tamana, Kumamoto

Matobakai Festival (shooting three arrows), Tamana, Kumamoto

20th January, 2019 | at Shiouji Shrine, Tamana, Kumamoto   Matobakai or Hamayumi-sai Festival of Shiouji Shrine, Nagasu-machi, Kumamoto Pref. Hamayumi Sansha-sai, shooting three arrows to commence the ceremony, takes place from around 11 am. And then, Matobakai, loin-clothed youths scrambling for a round straw mat, 60 cm in diameter and 6 kg in weight, is held first at the Shrine's precincts from 1 pm.

# For the details, please access to the followings site;
[Seasonable Traditions & Japanese Culture] http://www.goldenjipangu.com/190120kumamoto.html
[Official Homepage of the Event]  http://kumanago.jp/event/?mode=detail&isEvent=1&id=430000000957


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