Apr 27, 2019

Kakeuma Shinji (performing horse riding) at Fujinomori Shrine, Kyoto

Kakeuma Shinji (performing horse riding) at Fujinomori Shrine, Kyoto

1st - 5th May, 2019 | at Fujinomori Shrine, Fusimi Ward in Kyoto Pref.
Kakeuma Shinji at Fujinomori Shrine Fusimi Ward in Kyoto is an annual horse event with riders performing a number of tricks derived from battlefield techniques. 
Some riders hang on to the necks of their horses as they gallop through a shower of imaginary arrows of outrageous fortune. Others leave behind a trail of paper streamers as they demonstrate the arrow swatting technique. 
One of the most difficult moves is when the riders ride on the side of the horse to protect themselves from an imaginary enemy. Most of the moves require the rider to slide of the saddle so extra attention is given to the saddle to make sure it doesn’t slip.

# For the details, please access to the followings site;
[Seasonable Traditions & Japanese Culture] http://www.goldenjipangu.com/190501fujinomori.html
[Official Homepage of the Event]  


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