May 9, 2019

Miyazu Matsuri (Float Parade with Drum), Miyazu City, Kyoto

Miyazu Matsuri (Float Parade with Drum), Miyazu City, Kyoto

13th - 15th May, 2019 | Miyazu City, Kyoto
Every year in May the local Miyazu Festival takes place in the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods of Miyazu City. For the three days of the festival, portable shrines belonging to the major shrines in the city are pulled through the streets accompanied by taiko drummers beating out rhythms on taiko drum floats, and traditional flutists.
Dancers performing traditional Shinto dances known as Kagura also follow the steam of floats, stopping occasionally to perform their dances. On the third and final day of the festival the city’s inhabitants converge in the streets of the downtown area as stalls selling festival food and games open in the evening among the performances. 

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